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One wonders exactly what is happening to this country when we read that a pub landlady has been fined for not displaying the specified no smoking signs

In this country it is illegal to smoke in any public house, apparently it is also illegal not to display the decreed signs telling people that it is illegal to smoke. The only sense one could make of this is if smoking were legal in some establishments but not in others, thus informing a potential smoker that it was not allowed in this particular establishment, but as we have a blanket ban in all enclosed work spaces it is self explanatory and does not require constant reminders, we already know thank you.

Why smoking should be singled out in this way one can only assume is down to the petty mindedness of the no smoking brigade and the jobsworths who devise and then enforce these ridiculous nonsensical rulings. It is illegal to do a myriad of things in public houses but we are not forced to plaster our walls with ugly state designated signs informing people that they may not murder, rape, pillage, steal, riot ect. If we were we could all save a great deal of money on wall paper and paint.

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