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Rejected By Swallows:

It was only after we had begun to demolish the old garage that Isabel remembered the Swallows which always nested in the rafters. What are they going to do this year?  just imagine how disappointed they are going to be after flying all those thousands of miles only to find that their homes has been destroyed, she said, as she headed out the door to ask Rob to please take the nests down with care. The intention being to put the nests back on the side of the lodge in the hope that the swallows would be prepared to accept the alternative accommodation.

When the lodge was in place Isabel made it one of her first jobs to cement the nests on a little ledge under the eves, but unfortunately her thoughtfulness was to no avail, when the birds did return they obviously did not consider the offered accommodation was acceptable, Isabel was quite concerned for a few days until I spotted the two pairs flitting in and out of Roberts nice new five bedroomed house which is being built just next door and had just had a new slate roof put on, as Robert has almost single handed been building the house for the past eleven to twelve years we felt that there was plenty of time for them to raise their respective families without any immediate fear of eviction.

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