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NimbusWhen I was a comis chef to many years ago now to think about, it was always our duty to make sure everything was cleaned after service, although in the kitchen, in which I worked we had kitchen porters, there was still a large amount of cleaning involved with the job. I fondly imagined that by the time I had reached the heady heights of head chef or even executive, these boring but very necessary tasks would fall to those lower in the food chain. Ha! As I now work alone in my own kitchen, these jobs still part of my daily work routine and without even the services of a KP to fall back on.

We do have one major problem with the new rules on anti – bacteriological deep cleaning, not being attached to the mains sewerage system means we have to dispose of our own. We replaced the old sewage system and soak away last year and installed a new bio-disk, this woks wonderfully. However as it relies on natural bacteria working away internally, and as bacteriological cleaners do not differentiate between those bacteria we need to work for us and these we most certainly do not want anywhere near us, we have the problem of disposing of cleaning fluids. These cannot be put down the sink otherwise they will prevent the Bio-disk from working by killing the goody two shoes bacteria.

Up to now I have managed by the use of impregnated cloths which can be binned, and by chucking any buckets of floor wall washing fluids over the hedge or surreptitiously putting them down the drain outside in the middle of the night. This was a situation which could only last for a short period so I have just invested in a new cleaning toy.

Introducing the Nimbus 23 steam cleaner which its blurb says is an outstanding medium sized continuous flow steam cleaner that is powerful enough for the toughest jobs and can run all day without stopping. 5bar steam pressure and 145DegC temperature at the nozzle guarantees deep down cleaning and total sanitising of all surfaces.

I do not think it is quite true to claim it will run all day without stopping, it will in fact run for about 10 minutes without stopping, by then the steam pressure has dropped to such an extent that the machine goes on a work to rule, well actually it stops working altogether and demands a 5 minute rest and recuperation period, before being prepared to do a bit more deep cleaning. Not that this is such and impediment as you can do quite a lot of cleaning in 10 minutes and there is always the light mopping up and wiping down to catch up on.

The only real bugbear the machine has is the filling; it is not attached to a water pipe, so you have to fill the water reservoir by jug. Well I use a jug, you could use a coffee cup if you wished, because the filter stops the water flowing smoothly and will overflow if you attempt to pour in more than that the desired amount at any one time. But apart from that small inconvenience I am happy with my new toy and I will certainly I hope impress the next EVOH inceptor who visits, and I just know the goodies who live in the bio-disk are a lot happier.