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Lyepole_1River Lugg fishing,

The Wye and Usk Foundation

For those that enjoy trout fishing on medium sized river, the Lyepole Fishery is a 1m stretch of double bank river Lugg fishing, situated a few miles upstream of Amestry. This part of the river meanders through a wonderfully tranquil, steep-sided valley and is an area of the river that has remained private fishing for a number of years. The beat has recently benefited from improved access and coppicing work. With a gravel and silt riverbed, wading is relatively easy.

Availability & Pricing
·    Tue 3rd March to Sun 17th May (All Days), 2 Rods – £15 per rod
·    Mon 18th May to Sun 24th May (All Days except Saturday, Sunday), 2 Rods – £15 per rod
·    Mon 25th May to Sun 31st May (All Days except Monday), 2 Rods – £15 per rod
·    Mon 1st June to Tue 30th June (All Days), 2 Rods – £15 per rod
·    Wed 1st July to Wed 30th September (All Days), 2 Rods – £20 per rodLyepole_2

Winter Grayling
·    Thu 1st January to Sat 14th March (All Days), 2 Rods – £15 per rod
·    Thu 1st October to Thu 31st December (All Days), 2 Rods – £15 per rod

Telephone booking Only, please call 01982 551 520