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The hedges have been cut, paths swept, gardens tidied,  and  baked,  harvested, dogs groomed marquees erected and this year scarecrows built, because today is the day the village celebrates. What it celebrates I don’t know and have never bothered to find out but a Wake is usually a celebration at death perhaps could also perhaps mean harvest but what is really means is the village fête.

This year for the first time (I think) they are holding a scarecrow competition, not that there is much call for scarecrows in this area as it is mostly meadow land hereabouts and the crows in the main get a free pass. Nevertheless such a competition will add another layer of interest to the wakes. I did mention to Pam ( Isabel’s mother) that she should not go as there might be a mistake and she could walk off with first prize! Some as they say fall on stony ground.

Pam however feels that Amber her beautiful retriever could well win the dog show, she might at that as she is the most lovely dog. If only she would walk properly on a lead, her inability to understand the lead walking basics have always stopped us entering her. Amber does not actually walk anywhere, her slowest speed seems to be a quick trot. The other morning still half asleep for some reason I mistakenly connected the lead to Amber instead of my intended victim, Bramble the little Cocker Spaniel. Just as I opened the gate Pam asked me something, as I turned to reply, Amber seeing the open space headed strait for it like a greyhound out of the trap, my shoulder still hurts where it was wrenched when I was unceremoniously dragged out of the gate, past the plant stall and down the road. That did teach me however to pay very careful attention when putting on dog leads!

Isabel made a batch of fresh blueberry scones for the tea tent, unfortunately the batch actually going to the tent is somewhat smaller than she intended, I cannot for the life of me understand why – it was nothing to do with me honest. They just seemed to evaporate.

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