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Isabel has been on at me for about two weeks because she fancies duck for dinner, not just any old duck but an Aylesbury duck, now this believe it or not is quite a problem.

Since George retired and his daughter moved into the new Ludlow Food Centre we have been unable to find a reasonably local duck producer, well reasonably local and reasonably priced to be more exact. The afore mentioned LFC does have some superb duck, but the price is likewise superb, too superb in fact to allow us a profit. Cathy, a local lady who does a little bit of waiting for us occasionally did grow some wonderful Aylesbury’s last year but, if you excuse the pun, chickened out when it came to the nasty bits, and her ducks had an unexpected extended life still going I think.

This duck lack has now become something of an emergency, as Isabel is presently out collecting some wonderful black cherries and roast duck with cherries and balsamic sauce would be a wonderful addition to the menu this week end, if only!

Thus last Tuesday evening, I was delighted when a local farmer called by and announced with some flourish “I have got some ducks to sell you” thank goodness thinks I, at last a local supplier, I hope this is not a one off and he intends to continue producing. I was though rather concerned at the look of confused bewilderment changing to a clear sense of fun that crossed his face at my reasonable question “what breed are they Aylesbury?” No he eventually replied when he realised I was not pulling his leg “ducks for the race you know the duck race on Saturday”.

Of course these were not real ducks at all! But plastic ones, the sort that normally live in your bath, I say “your” because Isabel has fish in our bathroom but that is another story. It is the Llanviar or Llanfair wakes on Saturday and the duck race is held each year in order to raise money for the village hall or church the ducks are “released” if that is the correct term for plastic ducks from the bridge and it is the first to reach the winning post that wins the prize for its sponsor, a little bit like a watery lottery.

So no ducks on the menu this week end unless you fancy netting one or two yourself on their journey downstream, but if you do please leave ours alone as this will be the tenth year we have raced ducks and we have yet to even have a sniff of the winning post, very much like the lottery in fact.