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Waterdine Garden

The Vegetable garden is being very productive again this year. We grow a wide variety of roots, greens, legumes ect. This year we have been experimenting with a new method of growing some baby roots in boxes and up off the ground, this seems to have worked perfectly and the kitchen is now being supplied with some nice baby vegetables.

The Tomatoes are ripening well now and we are producing plenty of stick beans at the moment, soon be time to start making some bean chutney.

Earlier this year we set out a new Asparagus bed  and will hope to pick a few spears next spring.

We are also starting some new less prickly globe artichoke plants which will produce next summer – hopefully. The old plants were initially unsuccessful so much so that we thought we had lost the lot, but they recovered and have been producing well. Unfortunately the artichokes have had very y hard and prickly leaves with small hearts, creating for the kitchen a great deal of work for so little return.

The Jerusalem artichoke crop is looking good again this year and we hope to be able to start harvesting them in December if the weather allows and the field mice forget where they are, last year they dug tunnels under the snow and cleared out the whole crop before we could get a look in.

This year we have had lots of problems with cabbage root fly on the brassicas, but with a combination of cabbage collars and nematodes we have managed to to save all of the sprouts, sproutings and kale and quite a few cabbages as well.

We had to thin the fruit cage out this year and so lost our usual blackcurrant and redcurrant crop but the plants will benefit from the hard pruning and next year should be a bumper crop, fingers crossed.

The autumn raspberries are particularly good  which is surprising considering the lack of rain we have had here recently,

With all the surplus marrows courgettes ect. we will be making plenty of chutney which Pam will sell on her stall.

The big disappointment this year are the mulberries with so many late frosts the fruit failed to set and reports indicate that there will none available for us this year as the tree has only manage to produce 20 mulberries.

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