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View of Offas Dyke



There is a nice head of wild brown trout and I believe some grayling, in the upper reaches of the River Teme above Knight

on, other than the stretches running under the various bridges none of the other river stretches have been fished in recent years, so we have a free rising head of natural wild brownies right on our doorstep. These are not massive fish but when hooked they do tend to give a very good fight and the water is fast flowing and difficult,  with many areas of  ovherhanging branches, so this fishing is will not suite the amature fly caster, but will reward experince and small light tackle.

I am going to be aproaching the various land owners with a view to arranging day tickets so please keep a watch on this space for further devlopments. Of course  it goes without saying that anyone has the ablitly to aproch land owners and ask for a days fishing it just seems that no one has.