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Dark Chocolate Cherry and Kirsch Roulade

Roulade base
150gm Dark chocolate
150gm Caster sugar
5 large eggs separated
table spoon cocoa powder

Roulade filling
250gm fresh dark cherries cut in half stones removed
250 ml double cream whisked with 100gm caster sugar then add 25ml Kirsch

Large shallow baking tray
Baking paper
butter to grease
bowls and whisk

Heat oven to 180c

Line baking tray with baking paper and paint with just melted butter

Break the chocolate into small pieces in a heat proof bowl then place the bowl over a pan of hot water to melt chocolate

Whisk the egg yolk and sugar together to increase volume and lightness
then add cocoa powder and still warm melted chocolate

Whisk the egg whites until stiff but not dry then gently fold into chocolate mixture

Spread mixture onto baking sheet and bake for 8 to 10 minutes in oven

Cut sheet of greaseproof paper a bit larger than your Roulade lay it flat and sprinkle with icing sugar

Quickly but gently invert the Roulade onto the greaseproof paper then remove the baking paper and cover Roulade with a slightly damp tea towel and allow a few minutes for Roulade to cool

When Roulade is only just cool remove tea towel and spread Roulade with whipped cream and sprinkle with cherries then roll the Roulade using the greaseproof paper as a guide.