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Bumbles New Home

Winter 2006

If the males of the species visit the Waterdine, behind the gent’s loo door they will see a picture of  the local hunt gathering for a days hunting, the picture was taken I would guess some time around the late fifties  early sixties, in plain view is the old garage, which we belive was once the stables.

When mother in law decided to sell up and move in with us, it was only on the condition that she had her own little home. Our first thought was to convert the garage, there are several firms that specialise in this sort of work, but after visits from many builders and two architects it became apparent that this particular garage was beyond conversion. The only option then was to demolish the exiting garage and either build an entirely new bungalow or install a lodge.

Andrew and Sharon at Black Hall have recently built several log cabins, and a visit to their holiday park convinced me that this was the way forward for us. We therefore decided to demolish the garage level the site and put a log cabin on the site.

Unfortunately none of the work could commence until we had the money to pay for it, or rather until Pam (mother in law) gave us the money to pay for it. So with trepidation I phoned Rob Wood a local landscape (artist is really the only word to use for is expertise), to see if he could do a rush job for us. I was happy that Rob could in fact start such a big job at short notice and agreed that he would start work the following Wednesday.

I think the sun shone on that day for at least two hours, when the rain started Rob quipped this was the only job he had all winter in the dry and he was about to demolish the only shelter available. Since then we, or rather Rob, has had to contend with just about everything the weather could throw at him, freezing rain, ice, snow, the lot, for days on end Rob struggled through the rain mud ice and snow to build a massive steel reinforced retaining wall (in some places the footings alone go down 6ft) and then he had to level the site build in drainage, build a concrete base which had to be exactly level, and also install the base for the lodge. Oh he also built a pathway halfway down the bank, scraped part of the car park on preparation for a new garage; put a new top on the old septic tank, put in new drains in preparation for the new sewage treatment plant.

As the pre-set day for the arrival of the lodge grew nearer rob worked longer and longer, as gradually the site took shape. Considering Rob has worked almost on his own, it is a miracle that as I sit here tonight with the lodge on two massive lorries, the crane the fitters all arriving at eight o’clock in the morning, they will be greeted with a completely level and tidy site, all ready for them, with extra landing blocks for the lodge, a hardstand for the crane and a hardcore roadway to enable the lorries to reverse onto the site.

I have taken a photo of the site, it looks like nothing has happened except the garage has gone, but the simple photo belies all the hard work that has been done over the past month.

True to form the weather has yet again turned against us, with strong winds and rain, forecast for tomorrow, I can only hope that the crane operator the slings man and the fitters will be as prepared to work through adverse conditions as was Rob. I do not envy them their task, swinging 6 !/2 tons (the weight of each half of the lodge) in heavy winds can be all but impossible I just hope it is possible otherwise I can see the lodge heading back down the motor way, or being parked in some roadside lay-by.

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