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We have decided to use Bumbles lodge as a self catering letting unit, so we need to set it up for that use.

Being by its nature and design a wooden chalet there is quite a lot of wood about the place, so we had some problems deciding how we should approach decorating and furnishing it.

We were lucky that a trip out to a large furnishing store –Hafren– provided us with an easy answer, as we found two very nice sofas covered with William Morris Fruits material, when delivered they set the scene for the rest of the décor.

We already had two large coffee tables that were in good condition but thought there was then too much wood so we decided to paint them. It was about that time when we discovered Annie Soloan`s Chalk paint, though! Not until I had already spent a couple of hours sanding the first table.

The beauty of this paint is you can just paint it on to any surface and it sticks, so there is no hard preparation needed, once painted a piece of furniture can be further treated. You can distress it by sanding the edges you can use dark wax to age it if you have the nerve, seemingly the finishes are only controlled by your imagination skill and daring.

Not being intrepid (to start) I just painted the tables a rather nice pale green, to pick up one of the colours in the sofas, and then waxed them. We also had some nice paintings in store, so after a deep clean it did not take us long to finish the living room.lodgelounge2

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